aboutmeHi. This is me, Thomas Klein. I'm a software QA professional and a passionate software tester. I started as an application programmer in the early 90s and got introduced to QA and "serious" application testing some years later when working in a large project at IBM.

I liked software testing and QA (and I still do) and so I got stuck with it.

After almost a decade of being a freelance QA consultant and learning a lot from more experienced folks I started working for Sapient Nitro where I went through a lot of projects of different size with customers from different industries. That learned me even more. In January 2015 I took the occasion of joining Cognizant Technology Solutions where I am supporting our customers when it comes to mobile testing.

My personal hands-on testing experience is made up of WebService testing (functional and performance), the inevitable web testing of course and even some database and DWH/BI testing to name the most frequent ones. In 2012 I became specialized on Android and iOS mobile web and app testing. Across these engagements, I was playing different roles over time - from being a one-man team to team member up to team lead and QA manger.

I love simple things that just work. I'am always keen on improving stuff, be it a process, a paradigm or a piece of software. I like challenging the status quo, especially when it comes to QA "traditions". And I am passionate about SCRUM and agile testing and tend to become very emotional when I see it being applied wrong and testers suffering from it.