As I already mentioned in a previous post, I’m running nextcloud on nginx. And again, as mentioned in that post, updates of that software stack usually make me shiver – because most times, there’s something to it that needs manual intervention.

Same again this time.

As that nextcloud and nginx setup runs on a Fedora server and this wasn’t upgraded yet from release 31 to 32 since its release in April,  I took some time to take care of it. The uprade did take quite some time but eventually ended up okay, with everything looking nice an well – except for the fact that…

Nextcloud login not working (any more)

Holy crap. They did it again. This drives me nuts.
Everything else deployed on that nginx (WordPress et cetera) worked fine. The nextcloud sucker didn’t.

But no, wait: This time, it wasn’t really Nextcloud’s fault for sure, as nothing changed on the nextcloud side of things.
In theory, that left pretty much everything else on the list of possible culprits, from PHP or MariaDB up to you-name-it. Crap.

Scanning all the possible log files and checking with systemctl didn’t show any obvious problem. Time for a web search, as usually I am not the only one to have that problem… hopefully. And hopefully, some of the affected folks have a solution at hand.

Ah, yes, this one describes it perfectly:

screenshot of the respective github issue at nextcloud

Been there, done that.

For the full issue thread see


Regardless of the cause*, the remedy is to:
sudo dnf install php-sodium

*) Actual cause being the fact, that some required functions were moved from one package to another inside the Fedora 32 package management. This results in the functions for hashing / crypting passwords being unavailable and therefore the nextcloud login mechanism not (longer) work. In other words, it’s a distribution-specific packaging issue.  

I only wish, nextcloud would have somehow “complained” about these missing functions in a more obvious fashion.
Anyway, hope this helps anyone who can’t login to their nextcloud after upgrading Fedora to 32.

Cheers, Thomas

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